We offer several models of truck dumpers & tippers.
Angles of tilt from 35 degree to 60 degrees of tilt.
American International TN LLC
  • Less Maintenance 
  • Increase Profits 
  • Upgrade Working Conditions
  • Improve Company Efficiency
Key Performance Measurements
Our company is your #1 source for truck dumpers & tippers.

Our truck dumpers were built with safety & cleanliness in mind.
One year warranty on the frame
One year on Hydraulic components
One year on Electrical components 
Designed with extra heavy I-beams 24"/94# per foot, 3/8 floor plating
"Our Truck Dumper & Tipper is designed & built quite a bit heavier than the traditional models that have been used for the last 60 years!" 

- Bo Hobbs.

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Great customer retention
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Semi Trailer Dumpers & Tippers, 
Hydraulic Truck Dumpers for sale.
Lengths & tilt angles vary.

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Our rise container tilters & dumpers can be used with any bulk sea container.

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Our Landfill trailer tipper & dumper operates with less maintenance & will increase your profits.

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Truck Dumper/Tipper
Container Unloader
LandFill Tipper
Truck Dumper / Tipper
Container Tilter
LandFill Tipper
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American International TN LLC
Semi Truck Dumper - Hydraulic Trailer Tipper
Made in USA
We offer our dumpers in a variety of lengths from 40 to 70 feet long to fit all your requirements needs. The product you are handling will determine the tilt angle needed.  We will be happy to consult with you about this.
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American International TN LLC
American International TN LLC